Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' for 'The Avengers' Are Brutally Mean

Avengers: Infinity War spent the weekend smashing box office records, but Jimmy Kimmel brought some of the movie's stars to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday and knocked them down a peg. 

In a new "Mean Tweets" segment, a handful of Marvel's gaggle of stars read actual, brutally harsh tweets about themselves. While it's always callous by its nature, this installment feels especially nasty (and sweary). If you're waiting to watch to make sure the video is spoiler-free, you're safe. The tweets feel like they were picked before the debut of Infinity War because none of the tweets mention that ending, Star Lord's insecurity, or anything else from the movie. (If you need assistance coping with the ending, the Disappearing Avengers Meme might help.)

"I don't really understand how Anthony Mackie got this far looking like a bug with buck teeth, but here we are," reads one tweet that goes for the jugular. Even though the tweets are a bit vicious, the actors must not hate participating too much. Most laugh their way through it and a couple like Samuel L. Jackson and Paul Rudd are even making a return appearance on "Mean Tweets."

The segment has previously featured guests ranging from country musicians to a US president, NBA and NFL stars to one where the tables were turned on Kimmel himself. Watch all the mean-spirited tweets above, then watch Larry David's outtakes from a previous installment because it's probably the best thing that's ever happened on "Mean Tweets."

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