Kimmel's Super Bowl Mean Tweets Are Brutally Mean

It's almost Super Bowl weekend, and every detail of the game between the Eagles and Patriots has been analyzed to death. People are thinking about it so much that they're gambling on ridiculous things like how many times you'll hear "dilly dilly" during the Super Bowl broadcast. 

Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel isn't taking the game that seriously and has provided us with a Super Bowl edition of "Mean Tweets." The reoccurring segment has previously featured celebrities, presidents, and special editions for events like the Oscars, Country Music Awards, and NBA Finals. In each installment, the guests read truly mean things people have said about them on Twitter. (Though, the best thing to ever come out of it might be outtakes of Larry David reading mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel.)

The Super Bowl edition features former and current players reading out the mean things people are saying about them. The tweets contain insults like, "Does Ndamukong Suh ever get tired of being a total asshole?" ("No.") And "Terry Bradshaw looks like someone who is going to a Halloween party as Terry Bradshaw." (You can do better than that.)

Though, one person seems to be confused about what an insult is. They wrote, "Michael Crabtree looks like he should be playing bass for Prince in the Revolution." It sounds like they're saying Crabtree is awesome.

Watch the full slate of NFL mean tweets above. 

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