Kimmel's New Set of 'Mean Tweets' Is Absolutely Brutal & Hilarious

Every edition of Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" is worth seeing. But in the 12th installment, it feels like the producers really went out of their way to find some good ones. These aren't tweets by your pseudo-friend Reply Guy Ken who responds to celebrity tweets in all caps. They dug up some legitimately good burns for this one. 

The latest edition features tweets about Will Ferrell, Kim Kardashian, Jeff Goldblum, Zendaya, Chris Rock, David Harbor, and a bunch of other folks, who were pretty much all a good sport about the segment. Chris Rock even added a solid burn on himself, responding to his tweet with, "If you lost all your money in divorce, you'd be on Grown Ups 2 too."

If you've never seen "Mean Tweets" before, here's the drill: Jimmy Kimmel Live has guests read actual tweets about themselves that are generally pretty damn mean. The show collects them together and lets you enjoy a laugh as the celebrities involved read the horrible things people say about them on the internet. Past versions have included the main series, of which this is a part, as well as special editions focused on the Super Bowl, the Grammys, actors from The Avengersand Kimmel himself. (As well as a wonderful set of outtakes featuring Larry David.)

Watch the whole thing above to see outstanding burns like, "I just cut a fart so bad they added David Spade as a supporting character."

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.