Jimmy Kimmel’s New Uber Parody Is Brutally Funny

The Uber hits just get better and better, to be honest. Now that the company's CEO Travis Kalanick and president Jeff Jones have resigned amid a bevy of chaotic scandals, everyone's stepping up to dunk on the company. The latest is late night's newest Cool Dad and favorite Impish Grin, Jimmy Kimmel.

Last night's segment took Uber "back to basics" in light of the company's recent announcement that it would start rolling tipping into its app. The solution to Uber's woes, Kimmel reasoned, was to return the app to the good ol' days of car service with "Uber Yellow." Among the amenities: no cash thanks to an out-of-service credit card machine in the car; no GPS in favor of a paper map blocking the windshield; and no working seat belts.

"With Uber Yellow, there's no need to download a confusing app," the cheery spokesman jokes, touting this great new ride-hailing system. "Just wave at our cars as they pass!"

If you ask us, Uber Yellow seems like the new "Uber of Uber." Here's hoping its CEO doesn't curse out his own drivers.

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Eric Vilas-Boas is a writer and editor at Thrillist. Follow him @e_vb_.