Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids Who Should Be the Next President & the Answers Are Charming

Being a kid is hard. Adults can pretty quickly forget that while just pointing out all the ways it's much harder to be an adult. But one way kids definitely have it easier is that they're not paying much attention to the 2020 presidential campaigns that are already becoming inescapable. 

With four debates already in the books, we're well into the neverending campaign season. People are becoming entrenched with their favorite candidates as we get a better sense of who will run against the incumbent in 2020. Jimmy Kimmel Live went to a farmers market in Los Angeles to ask kids if they have an opinion on who should be the next US president. The responses are predictably hilarious and charming. 

Some kids show that they have a sense of what's going on, but most are thinking outside of the box. One suggested a Canadian singer, another thought her "mommy" would be great, and one said Alf. Alf? How does anyone under 30 even know who Alf is? Do they know it eats cats?

However, if we're handing out a trophy to the best response, it absolutely goes to the little girl who said, "Norah. She was a camp counselor and she kind of like helps the environment a lot. And I think she'd be a great president." This is a good response. Norah 2020.

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.