This Terrifying Ghost Was Created With Water Droplets And a Projector

Published On 03/15/2017 Published On 03/15/2017

When a hologram Tupac dazzled audiences at Coachella 2012, people thought new standards in the field had been reached. But here, artist Joanie Lemercier boldly puts that rendering of the legendary rapper to shame. Known for mind-boggling installations that float in mid-air, the designer creates a chilling rendering of a ghost, using “super fine particles of water and custom nozzles.” It’s one of the most creative uses of light projection to date.  

Lemercier sets his work apart from your more traditional holograms -- like the aforementioned Tupac projection -- likening their use of “semi transparent screens, mirrors and lenses” to a bunch of “cheap tricks.” Instead, he calls his work a “no-logram,” and yeah, it gets weird. As you can see, the artist’s no-logram is unhindered by size and scale. He’s in the business of creating “true volumetric projections,” which he cobbles together with depth sensors and image analysis.

Anyway, the ghost Lemercier constructs is a sight for frightened eyes. It takes the shape of his body and moves in really eerie ways. While you probably don’t have the resources to make one of your own for Halloween, it might be worthwhile to check out one of Lemercier’s installations if he ever makes it out to your neighborhood.

[h/t The Verge]

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