This Pro Cyclist's Ravine Crash Video Is Simply Terrifying

If you’re a creature of the internet, you’re no stranger to first-person wipeout videos. It’s pretty standard practice for an athlete to strap a GoPro to their helmet while participating in action sports to broadcast extreme escapades to the world. Except sometimes, accidents happen, and we witness a gnarly crash.

Such is the case with road cycling legend Joaquim Rodriguez, who tumbled down a ravine during a leisurely ride over the weekend. According to Deadspin, Rodriguez eschewed participating in the Tour Down Under -- Australia’s equivalent of the Tour de France -- opting to ride his bike for fun. Instead, his brakes locked during a downhill stretch, causing him to fly down a hill faster than you can say “human projectile.”

Miraculously, Rodriguez walked away from the crash unscathed. Understandably grunting and fatigued, the cyclist treks up the hill and rides his back bike down it, which is an indication of why he gets paid to ride a bike in the first place.

Now someone give this snowboarder a medal. 

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