Canadian Hockey Player Promptly Removes Silver Medal After Huge Loss to U.S.

getty images/getty images sport/Bruce Bennett/Staff
getty images/getty images sport/Bruce Bennett/Staff

You don't get to the Olympics without a competitive streak (unless you're this one skier). Even among these hyper-competitive athletes, however, the podium tends to be a humbling experience. But one player on the Canadian women's hockey team was notably defiant about receiving silver in the much-anticipated final against arch-rival the United States.

As you can see below, Canada's Jocelyne Larocque immediately took off the silver medal she had just received and held it at her side. This came after a particularly intense game filled with penalties, which ended in a shootout and a 3-2 victory for the US over Canada, the first time Team USA has won gold in the competition in 20 years.

In the first shootout in Olympic women’s hockey history, the game remained tied through five shooters, but ultimately the US took home gold. This is also the second consecutive overtime championship game between the US and Canada. Larocque previously won gold when Canada defeated the US at 2014 Sochi Games.

Reactions to Larocque were mixed. Some thought she it was showed poor sportspersonship, and others defended her. After all, the defeat ended Canada's streak of wins in women's hockey at the last four Winter Games.

When asked why she removed the medal could only respond, "Just hard. We were going for gold."

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