Joe Biden Becomes Human GIF in Florida

Published On 11/02/2016 Published On 11/02/2016
Joe Biden Sunglasses
CSPAN Screengrab

Vice President Joe Biden made a stop in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday to campaign on behalf of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. It was a sunny day and it only made sense that the soon-to-be outgoing VP threw on his signature Ray Bans mid-speech. It wasn't that he was wearing them as much as they way he put them on that caught everyone's attention.

The veep got a big whoop out of the crowd for that one. It was done with all the sass of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. The outspoken VP's transformation into the real life embodiment of the "deal with it" meme did not go unnoticed by the internet.

After the audience let out a "Yeah!" of approval, Biden decided he owed the crowd an explanation. "I’m doing this because maybe when I need a job, Ray-Ban may have me a sponsor," he said shrugging toward the sky.

Biden and his Ray Bans, which he says he's rocked since he was 15, are only a couple months away from a solid vacation where the only person that will notice his mem-ery is Jill Biden. Enjoy it while it lasts. The dude's a Biden.

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