Joyful 60-Year-Old Taking First Flight Will Make You Smile

Published On 12/08/2016 Published On 12/08/2016
Happy woman's first flight

Frequent flyers have become desensitized to the magic of flight. Instead of sitting in perpetual awe of that fact that they're in a metal tube tearing through the clouds, they complain about how the airline used to put 15 miniature pretzels in a tiny sack and now they only give you eight. 

The magic of flight wasn't lost on one 60-year-old woman taking her first flight Monday. Sue's glee was captured on Twitter by Elaine Filadelfo, who live-tweeted the journey, not only providing an entertaining story, but a reminder that flying through the air like a bird is amazing. 

After boarding the flight, Filadelfo found herself sitting by the first-time flyer on a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. "I noticed several flight attendants were coming over to talk with her," Filadelfo told Thrillist, "and based on the conversations, I was starting to suspect it could be her first flight. After they left, Sue was so excited that she quickly told me all about it." 

That's where the tweets begin.

The Virgin employees noticed Sue and her excitement as well. That's awfully kind of them to make her flight the best they could.

Sue, that's probably going to happen on your next flight too.

"I probably said, "This is totally normal!" 50 times," Filadelfo said. That's an A+ seatmate. 

Congrats on making it safely through your first flight, Sue. Hopefully, there are more in your future with a kind seatmate waiting for you on each journey. 

h/t Mashable

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