Parents Sued Their 30-Year-Old Son for Refusing to Move Out. And Won.

There's a tired trope about millennials living with their parents that just won't die. It's annoying, it's (mostly) not true, but it just won't go away. And one large adult son seems to be doing everything he can to ensure this reputation follows the Pinkest Generation forever. 

That large adult son is a 30-year-old man from upstate New York named Michael Rotondo, and he moved back home eight years ago. Over the past several months, his parents have given five written demands to move out, which culminated in a lawsuit after he repeatedly refused to leave. And, on Tuesday, a judge finally ordered him to leave the nest.

Rotondo, who represented himself in court, tried to argue that he was entitled to six more months in the home. He was promptly shut down by the judge, who called his request "outrageous" and served him an eviction notice, The Guardianreports. He took the opportunity to tell the judge that the eviction was "outrageous."

The fed-up parents' lawsuit included charming details -- like how their son doesn't contribute to expenses or do chores. His parents first went to the Camillus town court back in April, but were informed that a Supreme Court justice would have to order the removal of a family member. So, on May 7 they filed a petition in state court. 

In one of the five letters to Michael (which you can read on, his parents even offered him $1,100 to get him started elsewhere and offered sage advice: "There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you. Get one -- you have to work!"

Perhaps on the bright side, this definitely refutes the stereotype that millennials are indecisive and won't commit.

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