Kraft Real Mayo Is Launching a Fashion Collaboration with Juicy Couture

The partnership will offer fans the opportunity to purchase an iconic velvet tracksuit with a tribute to mayo.

These days, finding a proper statement piece is a bit difficult. Between micro trends, fast fashion, and drop shipping, it's all too easy to cycle through a bunch of unremarkable and unmemorable array of clothes. But, for those of you who have the desire to express yourself and your interests through your clothing, there's an option now to buy an ultra unique outfit that has staying power.

Juicy Couture, who has been making respectably ostentatious clothing for several decades, has teamed up with Kraft Real Mayo for the food brand's first-ever fashion collaboration. The Smooth Lover's Collection is available for preorder now, exclusively for

"The two biggest lovers of velvety smooth, Kraft Real Mayo and Juicy Couture, have come together for the most velvety smooth collaboration yet," the collection's website states. "Included in your Smooth Lovers Kit, you'll find one Long Live Velvety Smooth Tracksuit and one Mayo Couture Tube Top. We've also included a very limited edition (first come, first served) matching Tube Top for your bestie and a jar of Kraft Real Mayo."

After $12 shipping fees, the cost of the set is $162. It's a steep price, but think about how much you can wear the new outfit and how many conversations it will start. People will ask you "Wait, what does Long Live Velvety mean?" And you can tell them about the Kraft Real Mayo collab, or you can lie and say it means literally whatever you want. I like the mayo backstory though.

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