See Jupiter and the Moon Come Together for Just One Night

Jupiter and the moon will have a close encounter in the night sky, almost appearing to touch.

The year has started with loads of excellent opportunities to see planets. Five planets have been visible shortly after dusk throughout January, and we just witnessed a conjunction between Venus and Saturn.

If you enjoyed that meeting, there are more close encounters on the way. After the moon skims past Venus and Saturn on the night of January 22, you will find Jupiter and the moon having a meeting on the night of January 25.

jupiter moon conjunction
Via NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Youtube

Jupiter sits high in the southwestern sky each night not long after sunset. It’ll be easy to spot not only because the planet is bright, but because it will be sitting right next to the moon. Jupiter will be hanging out just one degree apart from the moon, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. That is close enough that you should be able to see them simultaneously through binoculars, NASA says.

The pair will be hanging high above Venus and Saturn in the southwest. Those planets are just a couple of the amazing things you can see that night beyond the beautiful conjunction of the moon and Jupiter. 

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