Just Consider Wearing These Bacon-Scented Undies

It's not often a mass press release catches our eyes and actually ends up leading to a story. That was the case -- until today -- when a pitch for bacon-scented underwear graced our inboxes.

It's bacon-scented underwear: underwear that looks and smells like bacon. Yes, it's real. How is it made? Easy: "top-secret technology from NASA" say the creators of these "meat-scented luxury undergarments." Finally? The bacon smell will last for at least six months through multiple wash cycles and wearing, and you can rest easy knowing that wearing these babies is like having a hot frying pan in your pants. Their words, not ours.

As if these pork barons haven't done enough to our favorite breakfast food, they've gone ahead and made candied bacon seasonings, cheddar bacon popcorn, bacon gravy, and something called Bacon Baby Infant Formula. We'll let prospective parents decide on that last one.

If you're wondering, yes, we're getting a pair sent to Thrillist HQ. More on that story as it develops.

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and actually smells like bacon all the time.