This Restaurant Is Putting Adorable & Adoptable Dogs on Pizza Boxes

Self-control is a skill we do not all possess, and sometimes that's a good thing. Because of this, people take home a dog at the local shopping center adoption event just because it barked at them in a personalized way. And now, a restaurant owner is taking advantage of the fact that people adopt as impulsively as they dial a pizza place -- by attaching flyers featuring adoptable dogs on her pizza boxes. 

Our hero of the day is Mary Alloy, the owner of Just Pizza & Wing Co restaurant in Amherst, New York. According to CNN, she also volunteers with Niagara Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), which inspired her to advertise pups to her customers. She got permission from the local SPCA, which later announced the partnership on Facebook. Then she got to work with Kimberly LaRussa, an SPCA event coordinator.

"We've had a tremendous amount of interest and support from the community and beyond since the story went viral on Friday," LaRussa told CNN. "Many people want to order a pizza just to get the shelter dog photo, other pizzerias have offered to put flyers on their pizza boxes, and so many people are tagging their friends and family."

We first saw this idea make headlines when Fargo Brewing Company put dogs up for adoption via its beer cans, but Mary's adding a twist: Anyone who adopts a dog on the flyer will receive a $50 gift certificate to the shop. 

LaRussa also told CNN that a 6-month-old puppy named Larry was adopted on February 29, and that other pizzerias have offered to put flyers on their boxes, too. What's Pizza Hut's excuse? Cat person?

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.