Watch This Kangaroo Hurl Itself at a Cyclist and Be Glad They Live so Far Away

From the safety of America, you might consider kangaroos cute, fun creatures -- whimsical beasts even. But this is far from the truth. At times, you have to engage them in mortal combat to protect your dog, and at others, they disrupt soccer games. Also, they can be unsettlingly muscular, which is the opposite of cute. 

And, as you can see in the video above, not even a pleasant cycling experience is safe from their bouncing mischief. In the clip, three cyclists are sailing along, enjoying the outdoors in eastern Australia, when a few kangaroos appear to their left. It seems cause for mild concern, but it's also kind of nice.

And then suddenly a kangaroo hurls itself at the biker filming the ride. It seems to hover a bit, defying the will of gravity and man, and collides with the cameraperson. 

"Ahhuwwwghgh," he says, anticipating the blow. 

The kangaroo lands on his front wheel, but he doesn't fall over. He just looks at it, bewildered, one assumes, then keeps riding. Newsflare reports that both the rider and the marsupial were uninjured.

Australia, you can keep them.

h/tDigg, Newsflare

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