Kanye West Says He’s Releasing 2 New Albums & Twitter Is Losing Its Mind

Paul Natkin/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Back on the internet and apparently writing a philosophy book on Twitter, Kanye West surprised-announced two new albums on Thursday afternoon. The world's biggest rap star and ultimate multi-hyphenated talent dropped the Earth-shattering news in four quick tweets:

In case you don't like digesting breaking news in tweet storms, Kanye said he's releasing a 7-song album on June 1. According to this third tweet, a joint album with Kid Cudi is on the horizon for June 8 under the name Kids See Ghost.

By virtue of his tweets, a total of 24 words, the internet has sort of shifted into the Kanye-verse. Although no official details have come to light, Twitter is clearly taking Kanye West at his word. Needless to say, many people are excited about the announcement: 

The rapper's last album, The Life of Pablo, managed to have a similar gravitational pull that dominated much of the news cycle for months after its release. 

See you in June. 

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