Katy Perry Gets Naked in an Effort to Make You Vote

For Tuesday's National Voter Registration Day, Funny or Die and Katy Perry decided to get into the act and impress upon U.S. citizens just how important it is to vote in the 2016 election. While celebrities often get on the voter registration train, most don't take the same tack that Perry does. 

She wakes up a bit of a mess and makes the point that you don't have any excuse not to vote. She's checked the constitution and it's totally legal to wear whatever you want to the polls. "I've got some great news," she says. "This year, you can look like shit when you vote."

You are even free to roll out of bed (in the middle of the afternoon from the look of the sky) and wear your PJs to the polls. Though she learns the hard way that if you sleep naked you have to throw a little something on before you go out in public. 

If Katy Perry and Community's Joel McHale stripping doesn't convince you to register (maybe you are bitter about forgotten #SixSeasonsAndAMovie promises), take a look back at President Obama trying to name every dead character from Game of Thrones in an effort to show that registering is pretty damn easy. He's right. It is.

Head over here to register to vote.

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