Smorz Cereal Returns to Store Shelves Next Year

We’re at breakfast. We’re at dessert. We’re at the combination breakfast dessert.

Edited - Courtesy of Kellogg's
Edited - Courtesy of Kellogg's

There’s more than one way to enjoy a s’more. Sure, it’s most classically prepared over a campfire, but we’ve been known to make ‘em in the microwave, on a gas range’s open flame, and even baked into a sweet casserole. And in January, s’mores will come back in cereal form.

Kellogg’s Smorz cereal—a chocolate graham and marshmallow combo—was on the market from 2003-2013 and 2015-2019. Its 2021 return is thanks to a petition to “Bring Back Kellogg’s Smorz cereal” that was still growing at the time of publication. 

“Not only is this cereal delicious, but it's one of a kind! Post's Smores cereal can't compare at all with it's bland taste. I propose we bring it back once and for all, as this cereal is beloved by many and disliked by the few,” reads petitioner Zach B’s plea. “I'd hate to wait another 3 years or so for a comeback of something that makes me and many others really happy, and none of them should either.”

Wait Zach B and many others did, as his crusade appears to date back about a year. But you know what they say comes to those who wait. Smorz. 

“Everyone could use SMORZ good news, so in response to a petition from superfans and pleas on social media, Kellogg's Smorz Cereal is back,” reads a December 16 statement from Kellogg’s.  

"Kellogg's Smorz cereal has an incredibly passionate fanbase—and their efforts to bring back the cereal have paid off," senior marketing director of Kellogg All Family Cereal Erin Storm is quoted as saying in the statement. 

Smorz will be in stores nationwide next month. 9.8-oz boxes will be priced around $4. 

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