Kellyanne Conway Just Called Trump the ‘Commander of Cheese’ & Twitter Went Nuts

As one of the president's chief counselors, Kellyanne Conway is usually within whispering distance of Donald Trump. On Wednesday, Conway appeared on CNN's New Day to broadcast the president's misgivings about the national anthem controversy currently rocking the NFL, and to justify the White House's rationale for disinviting the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles from their scheduled visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

But Conway's duty as presidential mouthpiece was rudely interrupted by a, shall we say, strangely Freudian slip when she referred to her boss as the "commander of cheese." 

Let's review the tape: 

The "commander of cheese" slip-up only lasted for a blip, but the effects are seismic. If you're at a loss for why, consider the myriad wisecracks and memes that have sprung up concerning Trump and Cheetos, or the president's muenster-hued hair. 

Conway's appearance started trending on Twitter Wednesday morning -- not entirely owing to her verbal mistake -- but people certainly had a lot to say about the esteemed post of America's first-ever "commander in cheese."

Nothing like a minor gaffe to distract America from bigger issues at hand.

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