A Food Debate Is Raging About Whether or Not It's OK to Smother Food in Ketchup

My brethren...  look upon your coworkers; they drink your coffee brand, they go to the same salad place around the corner, they appear sane in all of their daily office habits. But I wish to inform you that the world is not what it appears, and many people conceal private, atypical lifestyles behind a guise of normalcy. By that I mean, people you think you know are actually covering their food in ketchup.

I know what you’re thinking: !@#$%^&*! !@#$%^&*?!?!.... !@#$%^&*, ooooor that Thrillist should really hire some unbiased journalists.  But the Internet has proven to me once again that I’m not alone in my irrational disgust for something.

The concept of ketchup on top of food has sparked a Twitter upheaval, which began when Connor Ball of the British rock-pop band The Vamps tweeted, “Never trust someone that covers their food in ketchup,” with a photograph of the crime.

Productive members of society agreed: 

But the people fought back:

A few people also mentioned that they loathed ketchup and much preferred mayo or mustard spread all over the food. To them I say go enjoy some mustard ice cream and leave this debate immediately. 

And Ketchup itself took no formal stance: 

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Ruby Anderson puts frietsaus on her fries.