Trying to Figure Out This Optical Illusion Will Make You Dizzy

Stop motion animator Kevin Parry has been to the Upside Down. The proof is in his latest Instagram post. He's seen the Demogorgon and lived to tell the tale. 

Parry, who worked on the gorgeous Kubo & the Two Strings, has an Instagram account loaded with illusions like the mirror and tree video above. They're transfixing and frequently perplexing. Like this M.C. Escher-esque stairs post.

"Stop-motion is an extremely tedious process, with feature quality aiming at around completing about 1-2 seconds per day for an animator," Parry tells Thrillist. "I absolutely love it, but I started making illusions on Instagram as a way to create at a much quicker pace. When you spend an entire week animating a few seconds of footage, it becomes super rewarding to produce a fun clip like the illusions in a few hours.

"I've also always wanted to be some type of magician, and this is about as close as I think I'll ever get," he adds. 

Parry, who was named an "Animator to Watch" in 2016 by Variety, says he wants to be a wizard, but that's exactly what an actual wizard would say to convince you there's no such thing as wizards. Right? Right!? Are you able to prove he's not a wizard? There's plenty of evidence on his account indicating he might be.

Watch a compilation of his optical illusions below. 

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Kevin Parry

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