KFC Has a New Christmas Burger With Some Weird Ingredients

Published On 11/20/2016 Published On 11/20/2016
KFC Christmas Burger
KFC | Thrillist/Dustin Nelson

Unless your last name is Sanders, odds are that when you think of Christmas, you don't think of KFC. The kings of fast fried chicken are looking to alter that in some small way with the launch of The Colonel’s Christmas Burger, their first take on a holiday sandwich. 

The holiday food stack is currently available only in the U.K. and Ireland, but the ingredient list is trying real hard to make you start a petition. Layered into that seeded bun are an Original Recipe fillet, a hash brown, cheese, lettuce, cranberry sauce, and a sage and onion stuffing mayonnaise. What stuffing-flavored mayonnaise tastes like isn't immediately obvious, but there's a chance that it's pretty damn delicious (and this is definitely a Thanksgiving burger in the States, right?).

"Our aim was to create a tasty new burger that brought together traditional flavors with our famous secret recipe chicken," KFC's Innovation Director in the U.K. and Ireland Jack Hinchcliffe told Metro. "We are incredibly excited by the outcome — it's delicious, and genuinely tastes like Christmas!"

The holiday chicken will be available in the U.K. and Ireland from Nov. 28 through Jan. 1. If you're in the U.S., you're just going to have to settle for KFC-scented sunscreen and watching Irish people house Thanksgiving food

h/t Metro

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