KFC's New Console Would Give the PS5 a Run for Its Money. If Only it Were Real.

A newly released video depicts a fake console that challenges Sony, Microsoft, and brand humor.

Last year KFC defied our expectations of a traditional American fast food chain by creating "a finger lickin' good dating simulator," wherein the goal was to seduce a sexy version of Colonel Sanders. Yes, it was a real game. That's why, on June 12, we hesitated before laughing at the wild card company's announcement of a new "KFConsole" on Twitter. 

"Definitely reach out to KFC and see what the deal is/wtf," my editor said upon seeing the video of the KFConsole posted on its @KFCgaming account. Because, while KFC food delivery is good, its joke delivery is a little bit... too convincing.

A KFC representative told Thrillist that the video "spoofs the unveiling of the new PlayStation console, and their battle with Xbox."  But the video, which has racked up over 2.9 million views, was the highest quality I've personally ever seen in a troll video; it mastered the slow-motion panning and zooming and adventure soundtracking of most other horny-for-tech commercials I've seen recently, and the caption didn't let on to the trolling.

"The future of gaming is here," was all the apparent ad copy read. "Introducing the KFConsole. #PowerYourHunger." 

The only real joke giveaway in the video is a compartment for chicken that takes up the majority of space required for actual video gaming hardware. This section was described by the KFC representative as a "chicken chamber."

And what did the people of Twitter think? 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer at Thrillist. Send your trips to randerson@thrillist.com.