KFC Now Has Finger Napkins to Protect You From Fried Chicken Grease

Amazingly, fast food restaurants will always find ways to revolutionize how people consume burgers and fries, occasionally with disastrous results. But a recent "innovation" from KFC Japan is surely at the forefront of fried chicken and modern technology.

KFC is giving out finger napkins to protect customers from fried chicken grease. Yes, these are fried chicken condoms that slip over your index finger and thumb while you pick apart wings, legs and thighs. They’re meant to shield you from the perils of grease, so you can pair chicken gristle with an air of sophistication and class, or something.

A KFC Japan Facebook post shows what the napkins -- officially called “Finger Naps” -- look like:

Note that the announcement comes with handy instructions -- reminiscent of the guidelines on a box of condoms -- explaining how to apply and effectively use the Finger Naps. Without these directions, your fried chicken experience might become confounding -- so do refer to the appropriate literature.

If you aren’t familiar, Japan is something of laboratory for weird fast food: McDonald’s released a pumpkin spice french fry dish there in September. The Finger Naps were unveiled on December 15, and according to the company, might migrate westward to more restaurants as people realize that chicken grease is not their friend.

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