In Other Fried Chicken News, KFC Just Added Super-Cheesy Mac & Cheese Bowls

Courtesy of KFC
Courtesy of KFC

The fried chicken insanity sweeping through the fast food world just took a cheesy turn. KFC, which was weirdly mum during the Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A debate this week, announced on Thursday it's adding a melty twist to its classic Famous Bowl by swapping out the gravy-filled whipped potatoes with mac and cheese

The newly crafted bowl uses the Colonel's mac and cheese as a base, then tops the gooey side with crunchy popcorn chicken and a shredded, three-cheese blend. You can order the original, or kick things up a bit with spicy, Nashville hot sauce-coated popcorn chicken.

"Mac and Cheese has a cult-like following, and bowl food is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon,” Andrea Zahumensky, KFC's U.S. CMO, said in a press release. “So, it made perfect sense to call up a favorite side dish to the big leagues, in a way that only we could, with Mac and Cheese Bowls.”

The cheesy bowl is part of KFC's $5 fill-up line and was announced in partnership with Ellen Degeneres' favorite food critic, Kalen Allen.

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“The combination of KFC’s mac and cheese, popcorn chicken, and then sprinkled with MORE cheese is Kalen approved,” the comedic television personality said in a statement. 

If it's Kalen-approved, we're on board. 

The mac and cheese-filled bowl is available starting on August 26, but it doesn't appear to be joining KFC's permanent menu. So, if it cheeses you, hurry and keep the fried chicken mania going. 

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