KFC Will Pay You $11,000 to Name Your Baby After Colonel Sanders

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The name Harland isn't particularly in vogue when it comes to babies born in 2018. You're probably more inclined to name your baby something weird and fit for the 21st Century, like Aidan or Dax.

But Kentucky Fried Chicken is begging to differ, presenting a very intriguing offer to name your newborn in honor of an international fried chicken chain's mascot: It'll pay you $11,000 to call your baby Harland, just like Harland Sanders, aka the Colonel.

Some have called this marketing stunt cynical, or downright dystopian. If naming your baby at the behest of money from a fast food restaurant doesn't sound like the above, then buckle up and heed the details. KFC hasn't made it particularly easy: Your baby must be born on September 9 (the same birthday as Colonel Sanders, obviously), and it must be named Harland, just like the American businessman most notably impersonated by Norm MacDonald. Applications will be selected by KFC, and a winner will be announced on October 9. It's unclear how many babies will lose the competition and be stuck with the name Harland for the rest of their lives.

The $11,000 payout is a decent chunk of change, and it's intended for the prospective Harland's college tuition (it's probably enough to pay for books, at least). The specific $11,000 dollars is another a bit of clandestine marketing (the chain uses "11 herbs and spices" in all of its gristly chicken), so everything about this contest blatantly smacks of KFC... and babies.

A probable generation of Harlands awaits its fate.

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