KFC's New Colonel Sanders Is... RoboCop?

Like some out-of-control episode of Community, life is folding in on itself with meta-jokes. Only in a post-apocalyptic vision of unending late capitalism like that of Blade Runner or Judge Dredd would entertainment and advertising merge...

kfc robocop
Courtesy of KFC

Like some out-of-control episode of Community, life is folding in on itself with meta-jokes. Only in a post-apocalyptic vision of unending late capitalism like that of Blade Runner or Judge Dredd would entertainment and advertising merge so seamlessly. Yet, that's what is happening (not for the first time), and the merger here is fast food and one of those fictional dark visions of the future. It's wrinkling brains. 

The new Colonel Sanders at KFC is RoboCop. (It's the original and not the sleek version from the 2014 reboot with Joel Kinnaman.) The fried chicken purveyor announced the robo-news February 21, saying, "He once protected the streets of Detroit. Now he’s protecting KFC’s Secret Recipe. Meet Colonel RoboCop." 

String bow ties meet justice in new commercials featuring the 80s sci-fi icon. The chicken chain is putting a little narrative into the tie-in, saying RoboCop is protecting the Colonel's secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, even making reference to RoboCop's prime directive. Starting February 24, Chew Boom reports, RoboCop will appear in a series of new commercials. So, this isn't going to be a one-time thing. 

The promo is taking place because the chain is apparently moving their secret recipe to Bahnhof's Pionen data center in Sweden. It's one of the most secure underground bunkers in the world, crafted to withstand a nuclear attack.

At this point, you should have accepted that nothing from your childhood is sacred. RoboCop could be the star of the inevitable Harry Potter reboot. But take heart from this, because it turns out some things are still sacred. Like the KFC recipe.

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