Toddler Is Absolutely Terrified by Donald Trump Mask

Most people can relate to the toddler in this video. As the contentious presidential campaign drags on (just 41 days to go!), many feel a visceral recoil when someone tries to engage them in talking about it. They feel a lot like this toddler does when his parents show him a Donald Trump mask in the middle of a department store. 

The poor kid responds with sheer terror, screaming, and crying. Meanwhile, his twin sister is looking pretty happy in her Hillary Clinton mask and doesn't seem all that weirded out by the Trump mask either. These twins were exposed to the masks because their parents thought Clinton and Trump would be funny costumes for their kids. The boy did not agree. 

He did eventually get over the existential terror he felt at the sight of Trump's face and by the end of the video is running around his yard in a Trump mask and playing in the pool. He agrees that the mask he has is a great mask. It's the best mask. You're going to love his mask. Sniff.

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