These Kids Are Having a Great Time Getting Blown Over by Plane Engines

It's important not to take things for granted. If you poke around a little bit, you never know what you'll find -- for instance, an ancient Viking sword. Granted, it probably won't be an ancient Viking sword, but the point stands. You should take the time to explore. 

In this spirit, check out these kids investigating just how strong plane engines really are. Sure, they're strong enough to hurtle hundreds of people across the sky, but what's that power liked when it's directed at the human body? This charming investigation took place at Wamena Airport in Wamena, Indonesia's Papua Province, and it's both wholesome and entertaining.

As you can see, the two boys are standing on some grass near the runway, anxiously awaiting takeoff. Both are clearly excited for what's about to happen, but one is apparently more so, as he keeps facing back to the camera and waving his arms. 

Then the plane starts moving. One of the boys is knocked clean over as the other ducks for cover. The grass whips, and you can hear the wind from the engine hitting the camera. Finally, one of them flees from the frame while the other lies prone until the plane leaves. Then he jumps up, looking positively ecstatic. 

We don't exactly recommend trying this, but it does look like a lovely time.


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