Servers Are Sharing Strange Things Kids Draw at Restaurants and It Gets Creepy

crayon restaurant reddit

Restaurants with crayons for kids know it's the best way to earn a few minutes of silence for everyone involved. However, unless you see it on a day-to-day basis, you may not know that this situation can get pretty weird.

A new Reddit thread titled "Waiters and waitresses of restaurants that offer crayons to children, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen a child draw?" is attempting to surface some of these weird stories. The servers of Reddit have not disappointed. The stories range from cute to The Omen levels of weird. 

It'd be fair to have nightmares after some of these encounters.

Here are some of the best responses. 

Just a charming story about a boy and his pet Cerberus.

Beware the rampster.

Off-topic, but also weird. 

Every restaurant with butcher paper tablecloths should be required to display the weirdest table art near the front door. We really need to see weird kid creations more often.

Also, more restaurants should have butcher paper tablecloths, because adults like to draw too.

h/t Grub Street

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