Kids Describe Their Crazy Visions of the Future to an Illustrator

Visions of the future in pop culture are omnipresent. Just this spring there's been Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, the promise of a new Blade RunnerThe Handmaid's Tale, and a goofy trailer for the new Seth MacFarlane space comedy The Orville, among countless others. The stories are often dark, dystopian nightmares and usually adhere to the rules that govern the universe. That is definitely not the case in the fantastical imaginings featured in this new video from HiHo Kids

Little kids -- some of which you may recognize from the "Kids Try" series -- were asked to imagine what the future will be like. The kids describe the future to an illustrator who draws the musings of the young Lovecrafts. The results are wonderfully whimsical, even if some kids weren't entirely clear on the concept of "the future" at the start of the project.

Some of these ideas are excellent. In these visions, humans turn into cats, people who don't take care of the Earth are sent to live in orbit, and teleportation buttons are in the palm of your hand. 

Hopefully, they're right on at least a couple of these because there were supposed to be flying cars by now. 

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He has a soft spot for the weird future of The Gone Away World. Follow him @dlukenelson.