Watch Parents Tell Kids the Truth About Santa


Is it mean? Entertaining? Anthropologically useful? Just a part of life? All kids find out Santa Clause isn't real at some point, but having the bad news broken while being filmed is not something many kids have to endure.

These kids — some of which you may recognize from Cut Video's "American Kids Try" series — have their reactions filmed. It's impressive that the kids in the video manage to have reactions across the spectrum of how kids react to the news. From crushing disappointment to saying they already know to outright denial, it's all here.

The varying approaches from parents might be the best part. Some butter up their kids, others just blurt it out. Some parents with kids in denial even try to push them toward acceptance, like the dad who asks his son to ask him a question only Santa would know. The kid responds with a question many people would know, but his dad has no clue what the names of all of Santa's reindeer are. Cubert is an uncommon guess. 

Relive your own Santa spoiler moment in the video above.

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