Kids Tell Their Dads the Worst Things They've Ever Done

If there's one rule of being a normal kid, it's disobeying your parents at every possible turn. It's a common childhood theme: If you run afoul of your Dad's rules, it's likely that you've buried whatever memory of your offense down in your prepubescent psyche, where it will remain until you grow up and get a job. 

This is largely the case, unless of course you're a kid who was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. Just in time for Father's Day on Sunday, this group of youngsters was all too eager to divulge some of the naughtiest things they've done, which includes terrorizing a Walgreens with juvenile prank phone calls and selling bluetooth headphones on the internet for $20. One innocent little boy didn't shy away from dropping an F-bomb on national television, much to his bewildered father's embarrassment. There are other stories of teenage mischief (read: binge drinking, smoking weed and eating hallucinogenic mushrooms ), and one dad with six kids -- yes, six children -- sacrificed himself to a marathon of horror stories. 

All dads in the segment stayed the course and refrained from falling to their knees and screaming at the heavens, but more than likely switched to angry dad mode when the cameras turned off. 

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