American Kids Try Korean Food for the First Time and Have Hilarious Reactions

The kids of the HiHo Kids YouTube channel are doing international taste tests again, and in a new video, they're trying food from Korea. Unlike the episode where they tried Chinese food, the wee taste testers don't seem disgusted by any of the dishes that are dropped in front of them. 

Instead, most of the food is met with curiosity. Though, that doesn't stop them from having hilarious reactions to every dish. They start with seaweed soup and fried anchovies. "The seaweed is dancing while I blow it," one kid says while trying to cool his soup. Another is obsessed with the anchovies being dead. He gives them names like Bob and Joey. Then he throws them in the soup proclaiming, "They're swimming." He also won't eat them because he doesn't want to eat Joey, which is totally reasonable.

After that, the kids move through dokbokki with boiled egg, green onion pancakes with kimchee and bulgogi, and fish bean cakes. The last one completely foods one kid who thinks the red bean paste is chocolate. You can't come back from that. 

Watch the full video above.

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