Kids Have Hilarious Reactions to Trying Russian Food

The HiHo Kids YouTube channel is back with another installment of the "Kids Try" series that pits kids against delicious, delicious (or, if you're a kid, horribly disgusting) cuisine from around the world. In this episode, the kids open a special investigation into Russia. 

A brother and sister give the blinis a close inspection and quickly report the results of their inquiry. "It's a quesadilla mixed with ... juicy stuff." Instead of using any utensils, the duo deconstructs the meal and take bites from a pancake dangling above their heads. Their methods are unorthodox, but they get results.

Ernie, a staple in the series, is onto this game as soon as he sees the blinis. "Don't tell me that's fish eggs," he says before giving it a try. "I like salmon cooked, not like this," he adds.

But the blinis and its fish eggs get a warmer reception than borscht, of which one kid declares, "It doesn't really have a flavor." Burn. (You can share the rest of that. It actually looks pretty tasty.)

Watch above as the kids taste test things they aren't so sure about before housing and attempting to pronounce vatrushkas. 

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