Kimmel Made a Hilarious Movie Trailer for Trump's Presidential Alert Texts

Some people aptly described it as feeling a bit like a scene out of Black Mirror. Wherever you were at 2:18pm ET on Wednesday, you probably saw a whole lot of people look down at their phone simultaneously. For many, that moment was followed by utter confusion. FEMA and President Donald Trump tested a new nationwide emergency alert system that sends a text message to damn near every cell phone in the United States. 

It prompted a lot of jokes and memes in the immediate aftermath. Jimmy Kimmel, whose budget is significantly larger than people who repurposed memes of the President yelling at a kid mowing the lawn, went a different route. Kimmel created a trailer for a movie -- somewhere between a disaster and horror film -- about the text heard 'round the world. It's a film the show dubbed "The Textening."

Watch the hilarious trailer above, because it doesn't look worse than some of the summer blockbusters you've probably seen recently. It's basically the beginning of World War Z, and it definitely doesn't look like it could be worse than Geostorm.

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