Kind Is Releasing its First-Ever Plant-Based Ice Cream Bar Nationwide

The checkout aisle king is making its way to the frozen food section, with its recent ice cream bar debut.

Courtesy of KIND

Last spring, Kind released a frozen bar at a few Walmarts across the United States. It was basically a room temperature version of the original, with a creamier almond base... not an ice cream sandwich, per se, but something akin to it... like a Kind bar placed in the freezer, but creamier? 

Now the company is coming back a little over a year later, to announce a nationwide release of the frozen treat. The plant-based ice cream snack uses almond instead of dairy as its chilly core. It'll be available at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and most major national grocery retailers by the end of June. 

The vaguely-ice cream bars are available in two familiar flavors: dark chocolate peanut butter and the infinitely superior dark chocolate almond sea salt. 

Note that there have been a few changes to the recipe since last year -- the fundamental ingredients are still dark chocolate, chopped nuts, and nut butter, but the revamped bar has less sugar (8g instead of 11g) and an Earth-shattering 10 fewer calories. 

Kind is also releasing its limited-edition Kind Pride bar again this year, and 100% of net proceeds will benefit the Ali Forney Center, an organization that helps LGBTQ homeless youth.

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