Kit Kat's New Duo Bar Is a Happy Marriage of Mocha and Chocolate

The divorce rate is low for Kit Kat Duo flavors.

Courtesy of Kit Kat
Courtesy of Kit Kat
Courtesy of Kit Kat

As we gear up for a Halloween spent eating the candy we bought ourselves at Walgreens, announcements like the new Snickers peanut brownie square have become the thrill of our lives. Now, brace yourselves for another minor dopamine rush, my socially distant comrades, because Kit Kat just announced a new candy bar that blends mocha and chocolate. 

Kit Kat said it's marrying two familiar flavors in a new Kit Kat Duos mocha and chocolate bar, which will be available nationwide in September. This duo, which Kit Kat describes as the "dynamic flavor combination of rich mocha crème and silky sweet chocolate," will have shelf space in both standard and king sizes.

In 2019, the candy bar brand released its first permanent flavor in almost a decade -- the Kit Kat Duos mint and dark chocolate -- which tasted like a milkier, cheekier Thin Mint. But this year the company demonstrated commitment issues once again, with the only-temporary debut of lemon crisp and apple pie flavors. 

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