New Kit Kat Thins Are Hitting Candy Aisles Nationwide

Same chocolate, same wafers, just one less layer.

Courtesy of Kit Kat

Christmas has come and gone, Easter is still months from now, and Halloween's but a distant memory. That doesn't, however, mean we have to abandon all candy habits as a result. We just have to opt for something other than those exquisite holiday-shaped Reese's. Enter: Kit Kat Thins. 

If the concept sounds familiar to you, it's because, well, we've seen them before—just not in the Kit Kat variety. Oreo Thins made their debut nearly six years ago while Reese's unveiled its own take, a 40% thinner peanut butter cup, back in 2019. Now, Kit Kat is jumping aboard for lighter—yet still indulgent—snacking. 

Hershey's latest creation, which is set to hit retailers in February, features those same crispy wafers and milk chocolate coating, just with one less layer. According to a rep for the brand, the Kit Kat Thins will feature two wafer layers rather than the typical three. They'll be available nationwide in 3.4- and 7.2-ounce bags for $2.39 and $3.89. 

Of course, the candy maker has had more than a few creations headed down the pipeline this year. Summer brought Apple Pie Kit Kats, a new Mocha-Chocolate Duos bar made its debut in December, and Lemon Crisps were unveiled in January 2020. The company even kicked off an its VIP Innovation Club, so fans could get an early taste of its latest offerings. 

"We listened to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our recent Kit Kat flavor launches," director for the Kit Kat brand Amy Minderman said in a statement. "It is important for us to hear feedback from our fans, so that we can continue to create flavors they love, so we are thrilled to introduce the Kit Kat Flavor Club!"

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.
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