Kit Kat Just Dropped 2 New Treats

Kit Kat is now a new Duo flavor and a new Thins flavor.

EDITED - Courtesy of Hershey's

New year, new Kit Kat flavors. The iconic candy now offers an extensive lineup of flavors, and it just got a little bigger. Kit Kat kicked off 2022 with a new flavor of Kit Kat Duos and a new Kit Kat Thins offering.

Kit Kat released a Kit Kat Duo in Strawberry + Dark Chocolate, mimicking the flavor of a chocolate-covered strawberry. The new flavor comes in standard and king size. Kit Kat also released Kit Kat Thins Chocolate Hazelnut. The latest addition to the lineup adds a hint of hazelnut flavor to the light and crispy candy and comes in 3.1-ounce and 7.37-ounce bags. 

"A new year is always a chance to try new things, so what better way to start than by releasing new Kit Kat flavors?" said Dan Willard, brand manager at Kit Kat. "There's nothing more classic than Kit Kat wafers and chocolate, but Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate and Kit Kat Thins Chocolate Hazelnut bring fresh takes."

The newest additions to Kit Kat's offerings are here to stay. They're available nationwide, so you can snag one today or the next time you're in the candy aisle. 

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