Here's How to Make Chocolate Bowls Using Stuff From Your Kitchen

With so many household hacks out there, the suggestions can sometimes get a little strange in the service of doing something different. And generally, the stranger they get, the less useful they become. This set of hacks from the Mr. Hacker YouTube channelis strange. It's focused on PG things you can do with balloons.

Most of these balloon hacks ride the line of utility. Yeah, you can freeze a water balloon for your cooler, but you can also just buy ice. And at least one of these is almost entirely useless. (Who decorates a wine glass with poorly-tied deflated balloons?) However, there's one in here you haven't thought of and it is actually a pretty wonderful idea. 

Mr. Hacker creates chocolate bowls with a balloon that appear simple to make and the end product is, even if your bowls don't end up as even as his, good looking. Worst case scenario, you've got some ugly chocolate you can serve ice cream in before you eat the chocolate bowl. You've still won the day.

Check out the full slate of balloon hacks, including the chocolate bowls and a crazy mega-sized kinder treat hack, in the video above.

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