Watch This Man Devour a Live Octopus Brain To Demonstrate Survival

Listen, nature is grim, especially when you’re fighting for survival at all costs. When you’re thrown into the elements all alone, mother nature will move swiftly to ensure your demise. This means you might have to bite the brain out of a live octopus to make sure you don’t die.

And Josh James, a rugged New Zealander who goes by the alias Kiwi Bushman, showed the world just how to perform that fierce maneuver in a video he uploaded to YouTube. Like a real crust-of-the-earth outdoorsman, James gnashes his teeth right between the octopus’ eyes, tearing its brain apart with his friggin’ molars.

There’s not much more to say to describe the feat, so just look at it:

James is a survivalist -- much in the same vein as Bear Grylls -- so bestial as this stunt may be, it’s kind of what he does for a living. Some of comments below the video call him out for disrespecting intelligent life, because well, he eats a damn octopus brain, spits it out and then smiles at the camera. It’s pretty barbaric when you think about it.

If you want to catch more of the Kiwi Bushman’s exploits, you can see him on the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival. Or you can just watch this video again.

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