Watch a Glowing, 1,000 Degree Knife Cut Through a Rubik's Cube

The maniacs behind the Mr. Gear YouTube channel have made a perverted niche by burning everyday objects with a glowing, hot butcher knife. They’ve plunged that heated spear into seemingly everything, including a roll of toilet paper, and a much more volatile block of dry ice.

But in their latest stunt, the knife - heated to the usual temperature of 1,000 degrees -- slices through a Rubik's Cube, in addition to some other arbitrary crap.

Seeing things melt into a swirling pool of paint fumes is a nice way to satisfy your primal urges. Mr. Gear knows this, that’s why the channel has over 5 million subscribers. Destroying random household wares has become a niche industry, and rightfully so.

At first blush, seeing the knife cut into the Rubik’s Cube isn’t all that interesting. It’s when the cube’s individual pieces are burnt to a crisp that things get weird. Apparently, plastic has a way of screaming -- or emitting a horrible, shrieking noise -- when it’s melted down to a molten stew. Suffice it say that we’re not that different from plastic.

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