These New S'mores Marshmallows 'Taste' Like They've Been 'Roasted'

Skip the campfire, stovetop, or microwave.

A pack of Jet-Puffed "Burnt" flavored marshmallows.

For a relatively “easy,” three-ingredient dessert, s’mores can be quite complicated. Whether your heat source is a bonfire, gas range, or even a good old microwave, you’ve got to calibrate everything just right to ensure the marshmallow is charred or nuked to your liking, and the chocolate is just melty enough. Then you’ve got to fit it all between two graham cracker squares and negotiate every bite to ensure each flavor is incorporated. More like b’ores, amIright? (Just go with it.)

Well Jet-Puffed brand marshmallows (it’s like, the main one; the Xerox, Uber, or Zoom of marshmallows, if you will) has a new item that’ll easily bring you one step closer to the s’mores experience. Jet-Puffed Burnt marshmallows take the standard uncooked squishy cylinders and “bring that delicious, crispy flavor to the tip of your tongue without burning your mouth,” brand reps told Thrillist via email.

Expect Jet-Puffed Burnt marshmallows to start selling online in early April, or, more precisely, April 1, also known as April Fools' Day. They join Jet-Puffed s'mores bites in what appears to be a fast-growing s’mores shortcut market. 

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