Kraft Made Limited-Edition Grilled Cheese Incense & You Can Win Some Now

The promo is tied to National Grilled Cheese Day.

Photo Courtesy of Kraft

The aroma of a grilled cheese sandwich can be quite a comfort. It’s toasty and buttery and probably conjures at least one good memory for many people. But, although it's a relatively low lift dish, making one isn’t nothing. For one, you have to turn on the stove, which catapults the act of preparation to the act of cooking. But what if instead of cooking, you could simply light a match to fill your home with the essence of grilled cheese. Turns out you can. Sort of. 

Kraft has created an incense fashioned after the aromatic notes of a grilled cheese sandwich. (Thrillist has yet to whiff the item, but who would exaggerate such a claim, on the internet of all places?!) You cannot purchase this “grilled cheese-cense,” but you can enter Kraft’s “breathe cheesy” sweepstakes for a chance to win five grilled cheese scented sticks and one incense holder. 

To play, tweet #breathecheesy and #sweepstakes from now through April 15. The company will start notifying 1,000 winners via direct message the next day. The five incense pack prizes will ship 8-16 weeks later, so you can almost effortlessly start sniffing sandwich smells as soon as late spring. 

The approximate retail value of each prize is $6.06. You can read the fine print here

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