Kraft Really Wants McDonald's to Add Its Mac & Cheese to the Big Mac

The company just launched a campaign encouraging fans to urge McDonald's to make the change.

Courtesy of Kraft Mac & Cheese
Courtesy of Kraft Mac & Cheese

Kraft is looking to add its Mac & Cheese to the infamous Big Mac, and the brand has launched a nationwide call-to-action in order to make its way onto the McDonald's menu. Kraft wants to put the mac on the Big Mac. To do so, the company has launched, which will give fans the opportunity to Kraft in asking McDonald's to put some cheesy noodles on its burger. 

"For years, we've seen our fans add Kraft Mac & Cheese to their burgers from the comfort of their homes," said Christina Brown, Associate Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz, in a statement shared with Thrillist. "But why can’t we make it easier for comfort craving enthusiasts? We believe that the time for change is now, and we are hopeful that America's most iconic burger, the Big Mac, will start to add the most important mac of all."

At, you’ll be able to use Kraft's pre-populated tweets to send a “Where's the Mac” tweet to McDonald's, draft a personalized tweet, and fill out McDonald's corporate feedback form to ask that the company add Kraft Mac & Cheese to the Big Mac. It's like a digital letter writing campaign, except instead of asking a Senator to stop being terrible, we'll all be asking for McDonald's to do something weird and a little unexpected.

Head to to join in on the demand.

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