Kraft Just Released 3 Flavor Boosts That'll Take Your Mac 'n Cheese to the Next Level

The new Flavor Boosts are powdered flavor packets that can be stirred into your boxed mac and cheese.

Courtesy of Kraft

Macaroni and cheese might be the ultimate comfort food. While we have yet to come across a mac and cheese we didn't like, there's something extra comforting about the bright orange glow of a bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Now, Kraft is offering mac lovers a way to kick up their favorite comfort food: By introducing "Flavor Boosts."

Kraft Flavor Boosts, which the company gave a sneak preview of in 2021, come in three flavors: Creamy Ranch, Zesty Pizza, and Kickin' Buffalo. They're powdered flavor packets that can be stirred into your boxed mac and cheese for an added boost of flavor. Flavor Boosts don't replace the original cheese packet included in each box of mac and cheese, they're just a way to enhance the already delicious flavor.

Customers can buy them online here and even build their own bundles. Flavor Boosts can be purchased in packs of six, 15, or 24. Each order contains either six, 15, or 24 Flavor Boosts alongside the same number of boxes of macaroni and cheese. Kraft also offers the option to buy just a pack of flavor boosts, but you'll have to buy 24 of them to do that. 

You won't find Kraft Flavor Boosts on store shelves—not yet anyway. If you want to try them, you'll have to order them online and wait patiently for their arrival. 

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