This Deluxe $11 Krispy Kreme Donut Is Only Available at 1 Location

It's required eating if you visit the donut maker's flagship store.

Courtesy of Krispy Kreme
Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

While everyone was busy arguing about whether or not New York is dead (it’s not), the sugary dough scientists at Krispy Kreme were dreaming up a donut that could only exist in the concrete jungle. OK, they probably came up with the idea a long time ago and it could theoretically work anywhere, but that’s beside the point. Krispy Kreme is opening its massive Times Square flagship store on September 15, and it’ll feature an exclusive Big Apple donut. 

In addition to hot and fresh Original Glazeds, Krispy Kreme’s flagship will be serving up a glossy red apple-shaped treat to city folk and tourists alike. The shop will also include exclusive experiences you can’t get at other Krispy Kreme locations, like a giant glaze waterfall (just please don’t try to recreate this monstrosity) and fresh donuts available 24 hours a day. Anyone else getting serious Willy Wonka vibes?

As for the Big Apple Donut, Krispy Kreme said it was inspired by the candy apples sold all the way out at Coney Island. It’s made by filling a shell doughnut with red delicious-flavored Kreme filling. From there, it’s dipped in red-colored Candied Green Apple icing, which is where the shiny mirror glaze comes from. The treat is topped with a royal icing green leaf and a pretzel stick stem and is served up in a green box. It’s not cheap, however; one will cost you a whopping $10.99. It may be worth it just to say you tried it. It’ll be exclusive to New York City, after all. 

It’s unclear how many the shop will have on deck at all times, or whether they’ll be able to crank them out all day, every day, but one can only hope. 

Krispy Kreme’s Times Square location is its first-ever flagship. It will feature 4,500 square feet of donut-related fun, including stadium seating to watch the whole donut-making process. The shop was supposed to open back in May, but was pushed off due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The store will finally be able to open, but coronavirus precautions will be in place. Potential visitors will be able to line up remotely to enter the store and reserve times to visit. You can also place orders for pick-up, so you can get in and get out with your goodies from the “grab-and-go” counter outside. To do any of that, you’ll need to visit the Krispy Kreme website or the app.

Krispy Kreme rarely disappoints, so the Big Apple donut may be enough of a reason to brave Times Square.

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