Krispy Kreme Is Now Making Donuts with Cereal Milk

The new line of donuts is made with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

krispy kreme cinnamon toast crunch milk cereal
Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme
Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Everyone remembers finishing a big bowl of cereal as a child. When the last few floaters had been scooped, you’d dump the cereal-infused milk down your throat to top off the experience. Ok. Not everyone did that. Some people did that.

The implied asterisk is why anyone calling cereal milk a “craze” might be overstating the case. Still, cereal milk is having a bit of a moment. It will hit a new scale this week with Krispy Kreme announcing its embrace of the fad. It has launched a donut line called the Cinnamon Milk Glazed Collection in partnership with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

The donut shop will be slinging a trio of breakfast desserts starting on April 25, all of which are topped with its new Cinnamon Milk Glaze. There’s the Cinnamon Milk Glazed Doughnut, the Cinnamon Milk Glazed Donut with Cream Cheese, and the Cinnamon Milk Glazed Doughnut with Dulce de Leche. All of which feel a bit self-explanatory, less the part where two have squares of Cinnamon Toast Crunch sitting on top of the donut.

If you get a box of the Cinnamon Milk donuts instead of ordering them a la carte, they'll arrive in a specially made cereal milk-themed box. And just like cereal boxes of childhood (or now if you're currently a child), it'll have a word search on the box.

There’s no timeline for when the donuts will disappear from the menu. Instead, Krispy Kreme has given them that nebulous “limited time” label. If this is big news because you love cinnamon--and we all lived through the challenge and know you cannot just eat cinnamon by the spoonful--don’t forget that Krispy Kreme has moved Cinnamon Rolls from “limited time” to the permanent menu. Though, you’re only going to find them on the permanent menu on Sundays.